Smokehead Sherry Blast Bundle, solange der Vorrat reicht !!

Produktkategorie Whisky

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je eine Flasche Smokehead Sherry Blast und Tequila Finishing....

Blast: Volumen: 0.7 Liter | Alkoholgehalt: 48% | Nicht kühlfiltriert | Mit Farbstoff

Tequila: Volumen: 0.7 Liter | Alkoholgehalt: 43% | Nicht kühlfiltriert | Mit Farbstoff




Original Tasting Notes Tequila Smoki:

Heavy peat smoke, mixes with chewy meringue, blood orange, and BBQ pineapples. Notes of toffee, lime and peaches. A party on your tongue.




Tie yourself down and wait for the hit of oily black smoke, with a rich, heavy mouthcoating peaty feel. Then along comes a sweet sticky flavour of barbecued banana (yes, really), tangy sultanas and dried fruits. Told you it was different.


The peat returns, just as you hoped/feared it would. This time it’s brought some authentic Spanish sherry oakiness with it, pleasingly and disturbingly sweet. And one last sharp salty reminder that you’re not dealing with the ordinary here.


Ausstattung Metall-Tube
Gefärbt Ja
Farbstoff 1
Land Schottland
Region Islay
Distillery Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd
Abfüller Original Abfüllung
Alter 0
Fasstypen Sherry Cask Finish
AnzahlAbgefüllterFlaschen 0

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